CNSN Waveform Data Distribution Policy

  1. Broad-band data (viz., channels with component codes of BH), Extremely Short-Period (EH) and High Broad Band (HH*) from the National Network will continue to be distributed freely as part of Canada's long-term commitment to global seismology. Current limits will be maintained on the maximum data volume allowed per access to prevent one user from monopolizing the AutoDRM processing system unduely.
  2. Selected sets of event-related data (time segments) are also available for inspection and download from our website.
  3. Selected sets of strong motion data will also be available from our website.
  4. Certain special data sets will be subject to an embargo period before they can be released for general use. Embargo periods may differ by station for different classes of data, but will generally be 180 days after the end of the deployment.
  5. For autodrm, e-mail will be used to return data requested in an ASCII format (GSE2.x) up to 1.0 MB. Larger volume data requests, or data requested in a binary format like SEED, will be copied to our anonymous FTP directory and an e-mail notice sent. If the requested data volume is over xx MB, autodrm will not send it automatically. In this case, please contact CNDC Operations to make special arrangements to either provide your own compatible magnetic media or purchase a DLT tape from us. A handling charge may also be assessed for this service.
  6. All users of CNSN data are asked to include a a citation to Earthquakes Canada in their publications.
  7. Users understand that the GSC is the definitive source of CNSN data, and agree not to redistribute it further.
  8. This policy will be reviewed and updated from time to time. The current version will always be available on our web site.
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