Automated Data Request Manager (AutoDRM)

AutoDRM is an automated data retrieval system based on electronic mail. Originally developed by Dr. Urs Kradolfer for use at the Swiss Seismological Service, it has become the de facto standard at seismological centres around the world. The CNDC AutoDRM program was written independently in the C language, but follows as closely as possible the command structure of the original Swiss implementation.

AutoDRM scans for incoming data requests in the form of e-mail messages, extracts the data requested, and sends it back to the requestor. For ASCII data less than 1 MB in volume, the data is sent via return email. For larger volumes or binary data, autodrm makes the data available for retrieval via anonymous FTP, and issues a brief email notice.

In operation since April 1994, the CNDC AutoDRM has access to continuous waveform data in the GSC's National WaveForm Archive since 1989. Similarly, seismic bulletins (catalogs) listing earthquake locations, epicentre solutions, and associated phase measurements generated by the GSC and other agencies may be extracted from the National Earthquake Database.

Each month, many thousands of data requests are processed. Most of these originate from the CTBTO International Data Centre, but several hundred come from researchers in universities and research institutes located in Canada and around the world.

For information on how to use AutoDRM, you may view the User Guide or send an email to and type 'please help' as the subject line. You will receive detailed instructions via return email.

Potential "power users" are encouraged to read the notes on etiquette.

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