CNDC AutoDRM data request form

This page provides access to data from open stations in the CNDC waveform archive via AutoDRM. Currently, this includes all stations of the Canadian National Seismograph Network (CNSN), the Canadian High Arctic Seismic Monitoring Experiment (CHASME) deployment, the POLARIS network, and the FEDNOR Ontario deployment. Some stations listed may have been closed or moved and renamed, but data are available for earlier times.

To determine what waveform data are available, you may view a list of stations, issue a STATION or CHANNEL command, or click an individual station name below to view the Station Book.

Personal Information Collection Statement

The personal information you provide using the AutoDRM form for the seismic hazard calculator is collected under the authority of the Resources and Technical Surveys Act and will be used by Natural Resources Canada to conduct research into earthquakes in Canada. The information may also be used to contact you for follow-up research or to confirm the data provided.

Please note that the information you provide using the AutoDRM may be routed through an American or other internationally-based server. However, in the event that this occurs, the information will be deleted from the American or internationally-based server after one week.

There are no legal or administrative consequences for refusing to provide the personal information requested. Under the Privacy Act, you have rights of access to, correction of, and protection of personal information.

The information you provide using this form is described in the following standard Personal Information Bank (PIB): Public Communications - PSU 914. For more information about this PIB and your privacy rights, please consult Info Source: Sources of Federal Government and Employee Information, which is published on the Internet by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat at:


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